5 Best Profit Methods With Zipify Pages

Zipify Pages is a premium page builder for Shopify.

Here are the Fast Implementation top 5 methods to profit with this shopify application.

Product Landing Page Builder

Content blocks on zipify pages

Building smart looking, but sales generating product offer pages is a simple addition of a content block and edit it to customise.

It'll automatically add in product information from your Shopify store and dynamically adjust pricing if you need to change it.

Building out the rest of your page is simply about adding more content blocks to help convert your traffic.

Building Your List

Zipify Pages Autoresponder Integrations

Capturing emails from your prospects is vital marketing strategy for your long term business success. Creating opt in forms on Zipify Pages is quick and easy.

Connecting to the most common email CRMs is very simple, including a super tight integration with Klaviyo our favoured email software for e-commerce.

Booster Page Function

The “booster page' functionality of Zipify Pages, enables you to distribute single use coupon codes, boosting sales for your Amazon product launches or your Shopify store products, converting new customers who are sat on the fence.

Split Testing your pages

Split Testing in Zipify Pages

Split testing is a great way to do conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Zipify Pages makes the process of setting up split tests idiot simple.

Create 2 versions of your landing page. Then simply set up the test in 2 minutes choosing the spread of traffic between pages.

Upgraded Content Marketing

Lets be honest, Shopify's blogging functionality is awful. Zipify Pages makes the experience much better, with all the powerful page builder functions of Zipify utilised for your BLOG posts too.

BONUS: If you get Zipify Pages for your shopify store using this link and send me your receipt to tim@fastimplementation.com I'll send you a template of my best converting landing page designs for you to import in to your store.

So is Zipify Pages worth the cost?

Yes, definitely in my opinion. It is an essential part of my shopify dream build. To read my full review on Zipify Pages go here

So long as you're creating landing pages, split testing and driving traffic to them, the cost of Zipify Pages is far outweighed by the profit you'll make.

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