ConvertBox – Can It Replace ClickFunnels?

If you've been looking at ClickFunnels, but can't bring yourself to shelling out at minimum $97/month, there's an option that might suit your business more.

ConvertBox is a relatively new tool I've been using for most of 2018… and could be the alternative you actually need.

This article will detail exactly what ConvertBox is and why you should add it to your technology stack.

Admission From ClickFunnels Biggest Fan

Yep, I'm definitely one of ClickFunnels biggest advocates.

It solves the technology problem for most non-tech savvy entrepreneurs who don't want to deal with website developers or learn how to get your hands dirty with code, WordPress installations, hosting and all that nonsense.

Even though I know all the nerdy stuff, I still choose to use ClickFunnels for the ease and speed of building out new sales pages, opt in pages and membership sites.

But… and this is a big ol' but… ClickFunnels ain't cheap, and for new business owners there's probably better things you can spend $97 or $297 per month on.

$300 worth of traffic every month, from your favourite traffic source will bring you a lot of leads, prospects and buyers. Which for a new or cashflow tight business is essential to surviving and scaling.

The Two Tools you Absolutely Need In Business

In my humble but most often accurate opinion, there's only two tools you need to grow a business.

  1. An Email Service Provider (ESP). My recommendations are Drip for normal business owners or Klaviyo if you're running a Shopify store.
  2. A tool to enable Email capture on your website. This is where ConvertBox comes in to play.

So-called guru's will try to convince you that “Email is dead” and collecting email addresses for marketing is illegal in the EU. They are wrong. And they most certainly have an agenda to sell you their latest Facebook messenger marketing course.

Email marketing for my business is our primary source of new and recurring revenue. The same for practically every other major online retailer or information marketer too.

Take away every other part of my business, but leave me my email list… I'll be back making money by this afternoon!

What Is ConvertBox?

The basic functionality of ConvertBox is creating opt-in boxes for your website.

Now, that doesn't sound particularly exciting, new or innovative. But the range of functionality and quality of the software blows pretty much every other plugin or app in this space out of water.

So lets start with the basics.

What Email Software Integrates With ConvertBox?

Integration with your current email service provider is essential to know if this tool is for you. And even if your ESP is not on this list, I'd strongly recommend shifting across to Drip or Klaviyo.

Here's the full list:

  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Aweber
  • InfusionSoft
  • ConvertKit
  • Ontraport
  • Drip
  • ConvertFox
  • MailerLite
  • Klaviyo
  • Custom HTML Forms (for integration with Zapier)

I've trialed almost all these ESP's at some point over the last decade, there's really only two I'd tell you to steer clear of. MailChimp and InfusionSoft. Mailchimp has some pretty basic functionality and questionable Term's of Service you might fall foul of. InfusionSoft will require a full-time data engineer to service the platform for you.

Connecting ConvertBox to your chosen ESP is a simple case of clicking a couple of buttons within the settings!

How Many Sites Can I Use ConvertBox On?

Pretty much the only limitation for ConvertBox is the number of websites you can use the software on.

For their Starter account the limit is 3 domains and the Business account has a limit of 10 domains.

The only other stipulation is these are your own Personal websites, and not client websites you build for someone else.

Everything else is unlimited. Unlimited leads, unlimited boxes, and unlimited campaigns.

And right now ConvertBox has an offer for a lifetime account at one fee rather than monthly, giving you the Business account benefits for a one time fee. Go here to check it out.

Adding ConvertBox To Your Website

This really is a simple case of adding a small piece of code to your Shopify Theme files or using the ConvertBox plugin on your WordPress website.

The Three Types Of Opt In Campaigns You Should Run

So lets see how you can best use ConvertBox for three of my key lead generating strategies for pretty much every business.

The three we'll go through are:

  1. The delayed discount opt in
  2. The content upgrade
  3. The bounce saver

Each one will help your business convert more people to buyers, give visitors a deeper experience and get more leads to continue marketing to them, long after they visit your site.

Delayed Discount

The delayed discount is a great way to only give away discounts to those that should, but are not converting. Giving away discounts too easily to visitors who would buy at full price is just leaking profit margin.

For our e-commerce website we do not have a blanket discount code for all visitors. That's just crazy. We might as well just reduce all our prices by that discount percentage!

Instead we only show an opt in box for those that visit specific pages, are new visitors, and make actions like they're leaving the site.

With ConvertBox this is easy to set up.

Step 1. Choose a ConvertBox Position

All 4 types of box are effective, I prefer the subtlety of the Slide-In

Step 2. Build the elements of the Opt In Box

Adding and removing objects is simple, and you can edit the text and images within the WYSIWYG editor.

With ConvertBox hooked up to our Klaviyo account we can issue unique discount codes that expire after a short period of time.

Step 3. Configure when the box will appear

You can set it to when someone goes to leave, and on which pages the box will appear. For example we set this ConvertBox to only show on our key product page.

Step 4. Decide Which Visitors See Your Box

We don't want to show this ConvertBox to everyone, especially if they've visited before. So we restrict to only show for new visitors and those on a desktop (exit intent only works on a desktop device)

Content Upgrade

Content upgrades are more like your old school ethical bribe style opt in. But something that works very well if you have BLOG content on your site.

Gone are the days of sending traffic direct to a sales page and getting conversions, the modern web user is way more savvy and needs some warming up first.

These days we drive most of our traffic to blog content, articles and video pages. We then offer additional content (as an upgrade) in exchange for their email address.

For example if someone is reading about a methods for clearing common obstacles at an obstacle course race, the upgrade could be for the detailed video demonstrations of the techniques.

The set up of the ConvertBox is pretty much identical to above except for how the box is triggered.

This is set to show after 45 seconds on the specific web page.

Or you can simply trigger the ConvertBox when someone clicks a link on the BLOG post.

Bounce Saver

Your website bounce rate is one of the factors Google looks at for ranking your content. A bounce occurs when someone lands on one of your webpages and clicks back from the page without visiting any other page.

A high bounce rate sends a signal to Google that your content is not good quality.

One of my monthly tasks is to look in my Google Analytics and identify the top landing pages for my site and look to see if I can improve the quality of the content to reduce the bounce rate.

One way to improve bounce rate is to show either an opt in or simple link to your best piece of content if someone shows they are about to ‘bounce' from your page.

Here's a simple design for the ConvertBox

Then set the trigger

We set it to appear when someone tries to leave the website, on all pages of the site, except for the BLOG post I want to send them to

And finally set who sees the ConvertBox

This will be NEW visitors and those on a desktop device

There are literally 100's of combinations of settings and designs, all easily configured. Do you think you could benefit from at least one of these three essential ConvertBox set ups?

So now it's over to you.

What type of Opt In boxes will you create with ConvertBox? Grab the lifetime account offer here right away and start growing your list and increasing your conversions.

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