Why Speed Of Implementation Is The Make Or Break Of Your Business

Back in 2010 we we're talking about what we're good at with technology and what not, and then came the crazy idea that most people struggle to grow their businesses fast because they can't implement the technology side of things quickly.

So many people with great business ideas, and great brands struggling to get going because some developer tells them it'll take 3 months to build a WordPress website, or 6 months to create a membership site, or longer for a ecommerce business.

We called horse shit on that.

The idea for Fast Implementation evolved further at a business conference in Atlanta. The event was a stupendous pitch-fest with speaker after speaker selling you their ‘amazing' training program or coaching groups. It annoyed me more than normal because I'd been sat on a project that was pretty much complete but no website to sell it.

During one evening at the conference in the bar, I sat and built a WordPress website in less than 1 hour. And had launched the project. The next day I woke up to sales of my program (don't worry it wasn't a 7 figure launch… or even a 6 figure launch… I think we did low 4 figures at best)

It was true Fast Implementation.

2010 is now a LONG time ago, especially in the online world! Technology has moved on and the accessibility for non-tech-nerd type folk to build their own platforms for sales and marketing has vastly improved.

You no longer need to understand coding or about servers and databases. It's WYSIWYG editors and drag and drop page builders that your gran can understand and use. It's very rare you need to rely on LADs (Lazy Ass Developers) to build your dream website, most stuff can be built in an afternoon.

This refreshed Fast Implementation BLOG, written by myself and my wife, Sam Goodwin, aims to guide you through the minefield of amazing tools that can set your business free. And whilst we don't offer 1-on-1 support, we can hopefully answer the most common questions about how best to grow your business.

About Tim & Sam Goodwin

Tim GoodwinWe're both geeks at heart, having met at University following the same Computer Science degree in the mid 90's. We both did our time in corporate jobs as tech support, and project managers for international firms.

I wanted to kill my boss so we decided it be best if I quit and start my own business running a Personal Training business in the heart of Europe. Even during my time as a Personal Trainer I discovered my tech background served me well for growing my own business, but also helping other Fitness Professionals grow theirs. Even teaching some of the tech-challenged people you'd ever meet how to code in HTML.

8 years of counting reps and 6am training sessions was just about enough for me, and Sam was about done with the financial world post 2008.

Greens PowderFinding a quiet fishing village in the south of Portugal gave us the break and the time find our next phase in life, setting up and running a hugely successful E-commerce brand, selling a Super Greens Powder and other nutritional products in the UK, which still occupies 90% of our time today. In that time we've also consulted with and partnered with a number of people to create nice little side-hustles, membership sites, coaching programs and other physical product brands, generating some relatively passive revenue streams (nothing is completely passive).

Today, we selectively consult with other e-commerce brand owners to help them build their brands with technology and marketing strategies, you can find out more on our coaching page. We also work along side Internet Marketing veteran, Mark Thompson at Serious Marketers Only a tight community of like minded entrepreneurs and brand owners.