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The private, underground community for smart marketers and business owners
Just £40/Month
WHAT!!!! A Business Community NOT On Facebook?
"The Bunker" is so named because it is a community away from all the distractions of Facebook.
Get expert advice on your marketing campaigns, business ideas and websites, in a private, locked down community... Away from all the muppetry of Facebook
Get Your Questions Answered
We'll critique your copy, emails, advertising campaigns and websites. Offering invaluable feedback about how to get better response.
Technology & Tools
How-to guides on some of the essential tools for your business. Clickfunnels, ActiveCampaign, Wordpress, Shopify, Adwords and Facebook Ads
Collaborate & Communicate
You'll be able to develop relationships with some of the smartest business minds. Perhaps collaborate on projects, or offer your expertise
Access Our Top Training Programs
Get A Flying Start With 3 Bonus Courses
As soon as you join you'll immediately get access to our past training library. This includes the following courses:

1. Headline and Bullets Writing Course for Squeeze Pages
2. Membership Site Builder
3. Google Adwords For Local Businesses

... With more courses being added and updated all the time
Learn World Class Headline Writing and Bullet Point Writing
In The Next 45 Minutes
The first course you'll get access to is part of a training program I created a few years ago... 

"The Perfect Squeeze Page" 

Much of the technology for Squeeze Pages has evolved since originally creating this program... However you'll get access to the part of the program that teaches you to write headlines, bullet points and other copy elements. Today, you get that part of the training course as soon as you get sent your invite to The Bunker.

I originally sold access to "The Perfect Squeeze Page" for $97. You get the most important parts of this program as soon as you join. (A full re-recording of this product is being developed, you'll get access to this as a member of "The Bunker")
Full Access To A Previously Unreleased Training Program...
"Membership Site Builder"
Continuity is the lifeblood of ANY business. And subscription membership sites are hot. The ability for you to get paid every month for delivering value to your customers and clients continuously enables you to earn a reliable income every month.

The problem though is having a platform that can manage the subscriptions AND the content reliably! Emphasis on the word reliable! Having tried many different platforms and payment systems, I now have a system for building membership sites that are absolutely bulletproof!

Having created literally DOZENS of online members areas over the last 8 years, it's an area I can safely say I'm an expert in it. #HumbleBrag

In this previously unreleased training program I'll walk you through the exact steps I go through to build your next membership site. As soon as you join "The Bunker" you get to view the full video training. Either follow along yourself, or get your web developer to watch and learn how to set it up properly!

Originally slated to be a $247 training program, when you join "The Bunker" you get access to ALL the videos, and the ability to ask me questions about how best to set up your next membership platform.
"1000's of Extra Revenue Every Month"
"The information I learned has literally transformed my business"
- David Wilkinson
Want To Escape The Facebook Advertising Lottery? I'll Show You How To Conquer Google Adwords In Just 1 Weekend!
Introducing "Adwords For Local Businesses"
Right now Facebook advertising is driving me NUTS. And probably like you I'm having a LOVE-HATE relationship with it. Some weeks I absolutely kill it, then the next it feels like I'm chucking all my money at Facebook's cash cow! In all honesty it feels like playing Blackjack in Vegas.

Thing is, over the last 5-6 years I've had a back up system for buying traffic, that converts stronger than Facebook, and some of my campaigns, have been literally running for YEARS, without me needing to touch them. This "back up" is Google Adwords!

Now before you run for the door, scared that you're gonna lose your life savings, I'm gonna show you how to get started for JUST £5/day. It's where your BUYERS are likely to be searching for YOUR solution.

More importantly I'm gonna show you that Google Adwords is the not all that complicated, and you can get started within a few days.

Now, I originally created this program in 2014, for a small, private group of personal clients. The Adwords platform is continually evolving and some of the features have changed, but the concepts I teach in this course are just as relevant today, as they were when I created the course.

Now, this course was never for sale. It was only available to personal consultancy clients who paid me at least £1,500 to spend a day with me. You get access to it TODAY when you join "The Bunker" for just £40/month!

Note: This is the course I'll be doing a FULL update in the first month of "The Bunker" and you get to follow along with me.
"No Gimmicks, No Bullshit!"
"The way he helped us segment our audience to maximise our revenue was mind blowing"
- Adam Gethin
Monthly Training Sessions
Training Sessions To Develop Your Business, Marketing, Sales and Technology Skills Each And Every Month.
Whilst the BONUS content above is a great starting point, the content in "The Bunker" will be an ever evolving library of essential skills and knowledge to get more from your business. 

Each month we'll hold a full on training webinar to bring you up to speed on many areas of business development. These will be content rich, ZERO fluff sessions with interactive Q&A sessions, not stopping until we've answered EVERY question.
  • Creating Simple Sales Funnels That Convert
  • Developing Email Autoresponder that get opened
  • Creating Adverts that get clicked.
  • How to get the best from Clickfunnels
  • Pricing Strategies for online products
  • Old school marketing that still works (and will outperform your online ads)
  • Developing an E-commerce business with less than £500 starting capital
  • The day-to-day organisational strategies to stop you procrastinating.
  • How to ensure you're generating profit from DAY 1 of any business
  • Customer Support systems and strategies
  • ...and so much more
"Tim Goodwin Is My #1 Techie Go To Guy"
"Awesome information on email automations on ActiveCampaign"
- Chris Hipsey
Critiques and Q&A Sessions
Get Feedback On ALL Your Marketing
Critiques of your copy, websites and campaigns.
I was once part of a business/marketing coaching group, and one of the most valuable parts of that business was getting your websites critiqued, adverts, copy, funnels... the whole nine yards! Since leaving the business that offered this service, it's something I've really missed doing. When I decided to create "The Bunker" I knew this was going to be part of what we offered to our members.

Each month, you'll have the opportunity to submit your 'stuff' to be critiqued. I'll record the critique, and upload it for all the members to benefit from the content.

In addition, I'll run a 60 minute SPEED Q&A session each month. I'll answer as many of your questions as I can in 60 minutes.
Monthly Hack-A-Thon
A Live Look-Over-My-Shoulder
As I Build Out A Funnel, Email Sequence, Squeeze Page, Ad Campaign...
In the early days of Facebook, Zucks used to run Hack-A-Thon sessions with prospective developers, and team members of Facebook. It was a high pressure environment designed to show how folk work under pressure.

One of the cool ideas I have is to run a monthly "Look Over My Shoulder" (LOMS) type sessions as we build out a squeeze page, ad campaign, funnel, email sequence... whatever... 100% LIVE and interactive with you watching and participating.

As "The Bunker" evolves, I'll be challenging the experienced members to run their own LOMS sessions. This'll give you unique insights to how stuff gets built out Fast Implementation style.
What Are You Waiting For?
It's Just £40/month
Yep, joining "The Bunker" is not like one of these stupid expensive mastermind groups paying out 1000's or even 10's of 1000's of your $ £ or €

To start with we're keeping the pricing at a simply low £40 per month. (that's about £1.33 per day to get access to all that I've laid out above AND MORE)

I've had thoughts about price increases once we get to a certain number... So without pushing on you any of the B.S. fake scarcity, join today to lock in the low £40 per month rate, which you'll stay on for as long as you remain a member.
My Promise: No up sells, down sells, cross sells, or weird tactics to sell you on to the next level of my ascendency pyramid (whatever one of those is?)
Who The Hell Runs This Show?
Yep, probably a good idea to give you a bit of background of the "brains" behind "The Bunker"

My name is Tim Goodwin, and I've been a serial entrepreneur like you, for the last 12 years. Which basically means I've started MANY MANY businesses. Some have done OK, many have failed, or never got off the starting blocks, BUT a few have earned me a decent amount of money, allowing me to do lots of fun things.

The current business earning me some decent cash is Lean Greens. A nutritional supplement business that's been running since 2012. Whilst this has been the primary focus of my attention, I've also been a marketing and business consultant for a number of businesses in the health and fitness world, as well as creating business training products for local, small and medium sized businesses.

Thing is, when you join "The Bunker" you'll not just be benefiting from my experience and skills, but those of every member that is part of this community. I'm excited to hear what you can offer as your unique skill and knowledge set!
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